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31 Jan 2022

The Ultimate CSGO Beginners Guide

Welcome to CSGO – a game that everyone wants to play but aren’t entirely certain how to. Indeed, this is the kind of game that catches on once you start playing – and before you know it, everything becomes instinct to you. That said, the learning curve is still there, and you might be quite confused in the beginning, not knowing exactly what you are supposed to do. This is why you might want to read as many CS GO tips for beginners as possible.

What Is CSGO and What Should You Expect?

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (often shortened into CSGO) is a multiplayer online first-person shooter that has been around for about two decades or so. Released in August 2012 by Valve, it is a continuation of the first Counter Strike series and has grown to be one of the world’s most competitive games.

CSGO, in a way, is what you refer to as competition in its purest form. You don’t have any special abilities, and there aren’t any heat-seeking missiles, silly magic tricks, and so on. You just have an arsenal of weapons, yourself, and your teammates. Your goal is either to place a bomb in a way that the counter-terrorists don’t defuse it or to prevent that bomb from going off (depending on the side that you are on).

Things You Need for the Game

To begin playing, you will first need a Steam account, along with a game copy. There aren’t any hidden fees for you to worry about or any DLCs that you have to pay for. Once you purchase the game, you’ll receive access to all the basic content required to play.

That said, while you do get the basics, we did mention that Counter Strike: Global Offensive is highly customizable. You may get weapon skins either from the Steam Market or by purchasing keys – the latter which will be used to open crates throughout the game.

Last but not least, you will need teammates to play against other teams. You may play with your friends and create your team, or you may join other random teams on the server. There is also the option to mute the people if you came across some not-so-nice people, but the advice is to learn how to communicate with one another if you wish your CS GO strategy to be successful.

Choosing Your Settings

The beauty of CSGO is that it has several options for customization. The default settings are not always the most convenient ones to go for, which is why you may want to tweak some things here and there. This ensures a competitive game with a high success rate.

On the off chance that you are perfectly content with the current settings or you just do not want to be bothered with changing any settings, you should at least turn the automatic weapon pickup off. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a gunfight and realize that you just picked up a random pocketknife lying down the floor.

Before every round starts, the players get about 15 seconds of “freeze time” that they may use to buy weapons and utility. You should be very careful about the weapons that you buy because you can’t exchange them for money later on in the game. Once you buy it, you’re stuck with it until the moment you die.

A CSGO Guide to the Plotline

This game is not played like other similar ones, where virtual characters are broken down into different categories with their abilities. When CSGO starts, every player gets the same starting benefits; there is no difference in role between the players. The only things that matter here are your skills and how exactly you use them.

CSGO players are broken down into several different teams: the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. Depending on the characters and the skins they choose, they may look different. The sets of weapons that they have may also be different. The goals, however, remain the same depending on the team that you are on:

  • Planting a bomb or defusing it if you are in the bomb-defusing scenario
  • Keeping hostages or freeing them if you are in the hostage rescue scenario

When you start the round, you will be placed into your spawn zone. The bombs are planted in other ones, which are called bombsite A or bombsite B. The hostages are all taken into the terrorist span zone and ought to be delivered into a safe zone. Regardless of the scenarios, there is one condition for winning the game: you need to kill all of your opponents.

Both Hostage Rescue and Bomb Defusal may be played on a variety of modes and a variety of maps. Moreover, Deathmatch should also be considered. This fast-paced mode is perfect for warming up in the game, as you have constant weapon changes and re-spawns. Most players prefer to go for the Bomb Defusal scenario, as this is the only one that is typically available in eSports competitions. However, if getting better at CSGO is one of your aims, then both scenarios should be eventually undertaken.

Understanding CSGO Maps and Game Modes

CSGO is a highly customizable game, as we already know. Each location of the map is unique in its way and has a high number of small features. Players that want to learn how to get better at CSGO need to become well acquainted with the maps and its hidden details. This way, they will know what the best shooting positions are, what the best smoke spots would be, or what the quickest way to the bombsite is. You also have map callouts that may be very useful if you want to achieve good results.

At this point, there are countless CSGO maps that you can go for. Developers are continuously adding new maps – all of which are created with the help of the community. As a player, you can choose any map that you want.

CSGO Tips for Beginners

After you get past the CS GO tutorial, familiarize yourself with the maps and learn your goal, you may want to start playing. You should know how to play CS GO from the moment you learn what you will have to do – and even throughout the game, at the right moments, you should receive pop-up tips. With that said, here are a few tips that should take your game even further.

Stand While Shooting

We know that you want to multitask and shoot while you are running around, but in most cases, that is just a recipe for disaster. For you to have better aim and not to waste bullets on thin air, you might want to stand while you are shooting. This should also help you familiarize yourself with the recoil, as most of these weapons are different.

Learn Communication through Map Callouts

It’s not necessary to learn every inch of the map – because after all, there are countless of them. However, regardless if you are a beginner or a pro, you need to know what the main map callouts are. For example, let’s say that you are on the B site and there’s coming through a tunnel; at that point, you should call “noise on B” or “one B,” rather than “all B.” This way, you’ll prevent the team from breaking, which can send everything in disarray.

Don’t Focus Too Much on Kill/Death Ratio

Sure, no one likes to die in a game, and it also doesn’t mean that you have to blindly go into a suicide mission without support or a care in the world. CS GO is a team game, and every move that you make should be for the sake of the team. If you are using a grenade to make some opening kills for your team, you’ll be creating an opportunity for them – and in the end, you may just win. This is far more useful than just standing around in spawn mode, handling the easy kills.

Coordinate Your Buys

When you are playing CSGO, you need to be mindful of your team’s economy. Coordinate your buys and don’t just splurge into a full arsenal just because you can. Your team may not be in the same situation as you, and if someone calls for an eco, you should be able to help them. Vice-versa applies as well, so take that extra moment to analyze your team’s financial situation.

Be Aware of the Bomb Position

When a round starts, make a note of who has the bomb. This way, you will know how to proceed, how to protect, and how to deal with your enemies. Similarly, you should not be afraid of holding the bomb – and while you do need to be careful, you shouldn’t be running around scared by yourself. If you end up getting killed by panicking, you’ll just make matters worse for your teammates.

The Bottom Line

CS GO is the kind of game where you learn to play on the go. As long as you know what your goal is, you should be able to implement your strategy. Communicate with your teammates, and always make your decisions with the desired result in mind. Hopefully, this beginner’s guide to CS GO cleared you up on what you are supposed to do.

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