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How professional CS: GO players train

CSGOBettingz experts tell you everything they know about how pro CSGO players train.

Many people think that CSGO pro players are just guys who sat and fought in shooters and then started playing in tournaments. This is partly true, but this hides many more hours of training, thanks to which they can remain among the best and show consistently good results, making the excellent running.

That is why the CSGOBettingz team decided to devote a separate topic to pro CSGO players training, which will help you better understand their life and learn how to become equally skillful.


The easiest and most popular way to train before some important matches (and if you play for a rating, this is also a rather important event) is Deathmatch maps. Look at the rating of CS GO players and ask any of them about the possible options for training their skills, and each of them with 100% probability will name these maps for many reasons.

The point of this map format is that every man for himself, and the battlefield itself is quite compressed. In this regard, danger can await you literally at every corner, and your task is to get the highest KDA possible. Joining the streams of s1mple, you can see that the best CSGO players pay great attention to such training because they help:

  • to develop a reaction as you will be constantly attacked from different positions;
  • to shoot literally “with the back of the hand,” because it needs to be done as quickly as possible, switching between targets.

Aim Botz

Another trendy map in which the player finds himself in a bunker and selects a weapon, after which he shoots the bots around him. It can be independently customized to suit any of your preferences, so CS GO players always visit it to practice shooting. The main advantage of this map is that it will help you practice shooting with absolutely any weapon and in any conditions.

For beginners, we also recommend trying out the so-called “prefire maps.” Of course, professional players rarely use them, but they will help beginners learn more about where opponents can hide on the battlefield and how to find them faster, because, most likely, each of you faced such a problem when you are killed in the back because you didn’t check the next corner.