PGL Major Stockholm 2021 tournament organiser won’t change the dates

The tournament organiser of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 tournament made an official statement. They noted that they did not plan to postpone the dates of the championship. Their decision is final and will not change even if, for some reason, it is necessary to change the initially conceived location for the tournament.

So far, it is expected that Stockholm will host the tournament. Still, the Swedish authorities have not yet given all the permits required for its holding to the championship providers. First, PGL employees need to obtain official approval to enter the country for all company employees and players involved in the tournament.

The second important factor is permission to hold a mass event in Stockholm. The final verdict on all necessary decisions is expected on September 15th.

PGL will not host the championship in Sweden if at least one of the requirements is not met. In this dynamic, the providers will need a new location for the event. However, they promise that the final stages of the championship will take place from November 4th to 7th anyway.