15 Dec 2023
ESL DH Atlanta 2023 ESL DH Atlanta 2023
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15 Dec 2023
ESL Impact S4 ESL Impact S4
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12 Dec 2023
BLAST World Final 2023 BLAST World Final 2023
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24 Nov 2023
ESL DH Winter 2023 ESL DH Winter 2023
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22 Nov 2023
BLAST Fall Finals 2023 BLAST Fall Finals 2023
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16 Oct 2023
IEM 2023 Fall IEM 2023 Fall
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11 Oct 2023
FiReLEAGUE 2023 Finals FiReLEAGUE 2023 Finals
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04 Oct 2023
BLAST Fall Showdown 2023 BLAST Fall Showdown 2023
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03 Oct 2023
ESL Challenger S47 ESL Challenger S47
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25 Aug 2023
IESF World 2023 IESF World 2023
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15 Aug 2023
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27 Jul 2023
IEM Cologne 2023 IEM Cologne 2023
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13 Jul 2023
BLAST Fall Groups 2023 BLAST Fall Groups 2023
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11 Jul 2023
ESL Challenger S46 ESL Challenger S46
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09 Jun 2023
ESL DH Hannover 2023 ESL DH Hannover 2023
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07 Jun 2023
BLAST Spring Finals 2023 BLAST Spring Finals 2023
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02 Jun 2023
ESL Impact S3 ESL Impact S3
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29 May 2023
IEM Dallas 2023 IEM Dallas 2023
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27 May 2023
GI 2023 GI 2023
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08 May 2023 Paris Major 2023 Paris Major 2023
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28 Apr 2023
ESL Challenger 52 ESL Challenger 52
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How to analyze CS: GO tournaments?

CS GO tournaments are a pleasant event not only for professional teams who can finally do their favorite thing and show who is the best here but also for bettors who can start analyzing and earn good money. For a professional in the field of esports, analytics begins after the tournament’s announcement because he takes into account many factors that will be useful to him in the future during live bets or even pre-match predictions.

In this regard, the specialists of the CSGOBettingz team decided to talk about how to analyze CSGO tournaments even before they start to make better money on bets.

What to look for when analyzing CS GO tournaments

You can get a lot of useful information from the general information about CS GO major tournaments, but you will need to study everything about them.

Team line-up

If favorite teams play the tournament, it is worth betting on it, and in different positions. If there are none at all, it is easier just to skip the event, not to waste your time and money. There are also tournaments in which several tier 2-3 teams compete against one of the stage’s grands. You can bet on them, too, but you can take a particular approach, because they’re probably going to give this grand low odds, and to bet against, you have to be confident enough with thorough analytics.

Team motivation

It is one of the critical indicators on which you bet on a particular team will depend. For the overwhelming majority of bettors, it seems unimaginable that the winner of the last Major, a week after this, loses to a weak team in another tournament. The champion is not mainly motivated after such competitions to give all his best later in some small match against an unprincipled opponent for him.

Pay attention to the prize of the tournament and its format (players give more efforts for LAN tournaments than for online), and also evaluate the current status of each team to understand how motivated they are to win.


If the tournament is held in LAN format, and many teams have to fly long before it, it is likely that for some, this flight may be bad for their health. At the same time, many teams can go there in advance to adapt to the locale place, so it is essential to follow the news of esports in general and individual Counter-Strike teams, which we talked about in our other article.

This is the necessary information that you can get by analyzing the upcoming CS GO tournaments, but it is important to consider bet with good results.