Each team wants to get to CSGO Major 2020. This is a priority task for any strong team. It is not surprising that the fight at the first qualifying competitions was fierce. Contenders for Rio, where CS GO Major 2020 will be held, had to demonstrate all their achievements to compete for high results. At the same time, teams that previously gained the status of legends for the first time did not have a solid advantage over rivals.

Why the players’ status has now become less valuable?

A year ago, a good result at Major Championships (top 8) automatically allowed the team to get to the next CS:GO Major. Consequently, leading teams could pre-buy flight tickets, and then calmly prepare for prestigious competitions, without paying special attention to the schedule of less significant tournaments. Now, “legends” do not have such privileges, and all participants in the qualifying matches are on an equal footing while competing for the prize pool.

If we talk in more detail about the new format of the competition, it should be noted that now the teams receive legendary status following the results of RMR tournaments. This takes into account not only the results of the team, but also the location. It would seem that a country or continent should not play any role when the situation is viewed from a sports point of view, but in practice, it turns out differently. The fact is that tournament representatives do not ignore such an essential aspect as a competing level. For example, it is much higher in Europe than in Asia. Therefore, European teams will receive more legendary statuses, which is quite logical.