Mercedes-Benz Arena is going to be host location for finals of CSGO Major 2019 in September in Berlin. Best teams all over the world fill fight for 1 000 000$ prize pool. It is the 2nd major which will take place this year. In February 2019 the Polish city Katowice was the CS:GO tournament called CS:GO Major IEM Katowice 2019. All tickets were purchased long time before and the tribunes were completely full. The giant screens were installed on the outside walls of Katowice cyberarena, which broadcasted the tournament for everyone who didn’t get inside.

Intense competition

Whatever saying, the intensity of emotions was serious. Of course as the strongest cybersport teams were fighting for the 1 million dollars prize pool. Among those teams were such as Astralis, Ence, NaVi, Faze, MIBR, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Liquid. All those participants were the most noticeable as favorites. It’s no secret for everyone that all predicted an easy win for Danish Astralis. It occurred to be true as Danish had an asphalt roller ride on every enemy as became 3rd time champions of the major with the 1st place and getting 500 000$ prize. The real sensation was that Finnish team Ence took the 2nd place on the event going through well-known NaVi and Liquid.

New map on CS GO Major 2019

As we can seem CS:GO can’t stop surprising us. We are sure that Berlin CS:GO Major 2019 gives is even more sensations and impressions. It’s interesting that in comparison with previous Major the Berlin map pool is different. The map Cache is taken out the official tournament map pool and the Vertigo map is going to be played instead.

Betting on CSGO Major 2019

It is safe to say that most bookmakers out there will be accepting bets for this event. If you are going to make bets on CSGO Major 2019, you will have a large number of bookmakers to choose from. We suggest using only trustworthy websites. While selecting a bookmaker, do not forget to compare odds and available features. Esports betting sites will most definitely offer special promo bonuses and a large number of CS:GO specific bets – for example, predicting the pistol round winner, the final score or the number of rounds played. Do not forget to gamble responsibly!

Real cybersport fevers are going to occur in September 2019 in Berlin, don’t miss it!