Today, CS GO matches are held all around the world. They vary in geography and level of prestige. As a rule, the more prestigious the championship, the higher the prize pool. The prize pool of the most titled events can run to tens of millions of US dollars. If you think that you are good at CS GO, then you can try to bet on your favorite match. On our site, you can find the dates of the events. CS GO competitions are held regularly, so you won’t have any problems choosing the right game for the bet.

However, you should be careful when choosing the bookmakers. Not all of them may suit you in terms of providing outcomes on lines, others may be unreliable or may give low odds for events, especially for Counter Strike Go betting. If the bookmaker does not allow you to bet on most games, then it does not suit you. After all, the more options for choosing matches, the higher your chances of finding a suitable one. We offer you a list of reliable and reputable bookmakers that you can use as a reference. Compare the line scheme, find out quotes and other necessary information.

You can bet CS GO both on your money and on skins. Skins are models of weapons and other equipment that can be used in the game to give your character a certain visual dressing. They can also be exchanged or traded on special sites on the Internet.

CS GO Bet Prediction

Over time, you will see that among the CS GO players, there are many talented bettors who accurately give their predictions on the outcome of matches. As a rule, all of them have played CS for a long time and are well aware of all in-game mechanisms. Indeed, eSports betting is quite a serious job. To succeed, it is necessary to collect a lot of information about the teams, players, cards with which the competition will take place. Further, all this information is analyzed, and only after that, the bettor predicts the outcome of the match.
You can also make your prediction on the outcome of a game. Perhaps not all predictions will be profitable for you since there is always a wild card in CS GO. Sometimes even the strongest team can lose to beginners. But in any case, only a thorough analysis of all available information will help you succeed in betting.

Ease of Betting

So, what factors should you pay attention to when making your own predictions? We will try to list the most important:

1) Tournament prestige and team motivation. The higher the prize pool and the louder the title of the competition, the higher will be the motivation of e-sportsmen to do all the best in order to win the main prize. Conversely, teams may ignore small championships.

2) The presence of replacements in teams. CS GO is a team game. Replacing even one team member with an invited player can seriously affect the results of competitions.

3) The current form of teams. You bet on teams, thus you have to take into account the achievements and fails of the team. Every team has a wave of ups and downs. If the team has not lost games for a long time, then this may mean that it is now at the peak of its form. And vice versa, if there is a series of failures, it means that something is wrong with the team.

4) Peaks of cards. From the variety of cards with which CS GO competitions take place, each of the players identifies strong and weak options for themselves. You can see the statistics on the cards for each team and decide who has the best chance of winning.

5) Fatigue from flights. Or the so-called jetlag. Sometimes players need to travel long distances to compete in the championship. This directly affects their well-being and tiredness. Remember that you also bet on players.
Try to take into account all the above points before making a prediction and betting on CS GO.

How To Choose A Bookmaker For eSports And CS GO Betting

Therefore, after you become familiar with the theory, it is time to move on to practice. Study the materials in order to determine the choice of a suitable bookmaker company for you. Pay attention to a number of important points:

  • company reliability;
  • value of the coefficients;
  • margin rate;
  • the maximum number of events;
  • line scheme and the number of outcomes for bets;
  • convenience of depositing and withdrawing funds;
  • convenience of the platform interface;
  • the availability of bonuses and promotions.

Betting is never easy, and there’s always the risk of you losing. At the same time, there’s another saying: no risk, no gain. If you are willing to take a risk, place some CSGO bets on In time, those winnings should bundle up and you should start reaping advantages.

With these being said, all you have to do now is visit our platform, choose your favorite CS: GO team or player, check the available odds, and place your first winning bet!

Remember that time is money, and our task is to save your money and help make a profit!