Today, CS GO matches are held all around the world. They vary in geography and level of prestige. As a rule, the more prestigious the championship, the higher the prize pool. The prize pool of the most titled events can run to tens of millions of US dollars. If you think that you are good at CS GO, then you can try to bet on your favorite match. On our site, you can find the dates of the events. CSGO competitions are held regularly, so you won’t have any problems choosing the right game for the bet.

However, you should be careful when choosing the bookmakers. Not all of them may suit you in terms of providing outcomes on lines, others may be unreliable or may give low odds for events, especially for Counter Strike Go betting. If the bookmaker does not allow you to bet on most games, then it does not suit you. After all, the more options for choosing matches, the higher your chances of finding a suitable one. We offer you a list of reliable and reputable bookmakers that you can use as a reference. Compare the line scheme, find out quotes and other necessary information.

You can bet CS: GO both on your money and on skins. Skins are models of weapons and other equipment that can be used in the game to give your character a certain visual dressing. They can also be exchanged or traded on special sites on the Internet.